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Name:Minecraft Forge
Overview: Forge is a modification layer on top of the popular sandbox game Minecraft. Modding for this game originally started when programmers would decompile parts of Minecraft and manually apply changes. They would then overwrite the entire class in the players jar just for there one change. Many times multiple modders would want to do things to the same vanilla class. This would cause conflicts. End user also had to manually edit game files to add mods in.

Forge steps in to mitigate these issues and more by incluiding most of the needed modifications to Vanilla in a generic way. Providing a extension loading system that allows for mod developers to package there mods in the standard java Jar format. It also streamlines the instalation of mods by providing a simple installer.

Due to Minecraft being obfusicated and stripped down. Many tools are needed to bring it into a state that is possible to work with. Such as MCInjector which reconstitutes missing attributes in class files. ForgeFlower, a modernization and fixed version of the java decompiler Fernflower to support modern Java versions and provide cleaner code. ForgeGradle, A Gradle plugin that sllows usage of a standard developemtn tools while dynamically creating core game dependencies withut needing to redistribute copywritten material. And more. All publiched publically so the community can freely use and contribute to the projects.

One of the major benifits of having a open source central project like this, is that we are in contact with Mojang {The Developers of Minecraft} directly. This allows for good cooperation and communication between the two projects to make everything the best as possible.

Overview: Created at the hight of the classic scene. StealthBot was created by AndyT (Steath) as a chat client/moderation tool. Lex was one of the original teams in the scene to start reverse enenrring the network protocol, security, and related systems needed to make this bot work. After a while of doing tech support and code support with Stealth, Lex (as Hdx) was added to the core team, and was the source of many of the bot's biggest features such as legacy client support, proper networking emulation, and Warden support.

HomePage:None (Dead Project)
Overview: Java Login Server. Created to emulate ValhallaLegend's Battle.Net Login Server (BNLS). A tool that allows for a client to query all the complicated encryption and hashing functions needed to emulate the packets to connect to Battle.Net classic server. This allows developers to quickly roll out bots in a plethor of languages that would not of been possible before due to the complexity of the tasks. Bots have been written in PHP, JavaScript, python, as well as almost every higher level language.

Sadly the original SVN server was private, and has seince gone down, the link provided is just a dump of the code without commit history.