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About LexManos:

Gamer, programmer and grumpy bear in charge of the Forge project. Lex started his infamous rise to domination as a novice warrior in Diablo (the orignal not the shopping remake). At the precocious age of 8 he learned ASM by reverse engineering Diablo I.

Over the next 8 years he made ASM and C patches for the suite of games. Out of boredom he began reverse engineering other games including but not limited to WoW, AoE and Runescape. Pretty much any popular multiplayer game that came out between 1996 and 2007. In the process he learned Java, ASM, C, perl, python, .net, html, css, and js. After dabling in freelance server management and server software development he finally found a place he could put his skills to use when friends found Minecraft on xkcd and coerced him into playing. After contributing to Forge for some time, he took over development after the departure of SpaceToad.

Now he spends his time maintaining Forge, doing consulting work on Mod API integration, and fielding demands from modders/users/dragons and evil goats. He has recently acquired several room-mates which he mostly uses as expendable distractions to amuse the cat.

If you wish to contact Lex you can at